'My husband and I are so grateful to Elizabeth for guiding us through the tremendous experience of birth. She was a constant, reassuring, experienced, and positive presence during the whole process, and I really can't imagine having done it without her. Our delivery had to be induced, which wasn't how we'd envisioned it, but with her expert support, we managed to have the best possible experience. In our meetings during pregnancy, she outlined what to expect during labor with more clarity, sympathy, and directness than any of our doctors. During labor, when I was so focused on the birth that I couldn't convey anything to the people around me, she seemed to have an instinctive understanding of just how to hold, comfort, rub, assist in position changes, question the nurses and residents - everything. She is like a fairy godmother of childbirth. We can't recommend her enough.'   -E & L

'When we started our search for a doula we had a few criteria we were looking for and Elizabeth ticked all of the boxes. We wanted someone who had years of experience, ideally was familiar with the UCSF hospital, was honest and direct and would support us during the entire process. Elizabeth made us feel like she really cared about us.'    -Miri

'Elizabeth was indispensable and we are so grateful that she accompanied us through our first birth journey.  She is professional, knowledgeable, and very experienced.  She reassured us when seemingly crazy things happened that everything was proceeding normally.  She attended to the smallest details that made all the difference:  setting up the room with LED candles, making sure mom had enough to drink, making sure dad got something to eat.  She knew some of the hospital staff at Kaiser SF and she helped us communicate with them throughout the entire process, always maintaining a sense of calm and professionalism while helping us stick to our birth plan.   She always had a lot of suggestions of new things to try when the going got tough.  She also helped us think through some tough decisions when we encountered challenges that forced us in a new direction.  We would highly recommend Doula Elizabeth to anyone seeking a natural hospital birth!'   -Amy

- "Elizabeth was the doula for our home birth with our first son. Elizabeth was actually our back-up doula, but I couldn’t imagine having someone else at the birth now. I went into labor at 11:00pm and Elizabeth came around 2:00am. She showed up at our house with an amazing balance of energy and calm. I remember her walking into the room and immediately making suggestions and taking over — in the best way possible. Within minutes I had fresh water to drink and a heating pad on my back (I had very painful back labor). My husband and I were so glad to have someone there who understood the process and could help us along this labor journey. Although much of the labor is a bit of a blur, Elizabeth was by my side for the next 8.5 hours talking me through the labor process. She had incredible physical stamina to continue supporting me through back labor (which required her to be in interesting positions to massage my back). When the contractions got very intense, I remember her whispering in my ear to help me manage the pain and keep calm and focused. I don’t remember asking Elizabeth for anything … she just made things appear that I needed. Once the midwives arrived and took over the show, she was still an integral part of the birth team. After the birth, she made me delicious food, helped tidy up the house and do whatever would serve the birth team, my husband and our new little family. To be honest, when we were considering hiring a doula, I wasn’t exactly sure what her role would be. Now I know that doulas are a coach, a caretaker, a motivator, a friend, and there to think of everything you need before you need it. She was an integral part of my birth team and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a doula for a home (or a hospital) birth."  -Lee

-"I'm not sure I could have followed through with a natural birth without Elizabeth. She was a wonderful go-between between Tom and I and hospital. I think her presence alone changed the tone of our birth."     -Tessa

~ "As I reflect on my birth experience, as the year comes around, I am even more grateful for your presence at Marcello's birth. It was such a gift to have the time and support I needed to bring him into this world naturally, through labor and especially pushing, and you were instrumental in advocating for me to do that. I know you were uncertain about how much I needed you, but I assure you that I absolutely see you as the anchor in my process. You kept my mother grounded and Luigi charged, and have the best hands! It was exactly what I needed. In short, you rock! Just thought you should know I still feel that very deeply."     ~Carolyn

~"Elizabeth was amazing and an essential part of our extremely positive experience with the birth of our first child. Meeting with her in advance helped us all get to know each other, and also helped my husband and me get in tune with our feelings towards birth and different procedures that might come up. Just knowing she would be on hand during the labor eased both of our anxieties. During the labor itself, she was a calm coach who's attention and support let me feel confident focusing only on getting through my contractions. Ie, I wasn't worrying about timing contractions or when to leave for the hospital, or what to bring.  And at the hospital she anticipated all my needs - bringing me juice and cold compresses to help keep my energy up. She also stayed with us after the birth to help ease into the hospital and enjoy the moment.

Having never considered a Doula until a few months prior to giving birth, I am a total convert, and have Elizabeth to thank for that.  I recommend her & Doulas in general to all my friends!"    ~  Merrill

~"Elizabeth was great. She was there for me and my family prenatally, during the birth, and also as a postpartum doula. She was there for us in every way that we needed her and we appreciate it so much. We also learned so much from her and feel more equipped to be parents because of her! I loved having someone know the birth process who was there just for me and helped me through each step of the way. She also helped us talk through anything that came up and make the best decision for us under the circumstances."    ~  Angie

" We could not have imagined having our birth experience without Elizabeth. She was such a key part of every aspect and we were honored to have her there."     - Clarissa

-"Wow, what an amazing birth experience! When my husband and I found out I was pregnant we knew we wanted to have a natural childbirth, but weren't sure how to ensure this in a hospital setting. After doing some research and asking around Elizabeth was recommended. Elizabeth was a wonderful support before, during, and after the birth. Elizabeth had stopped by our house to check on me since I was getting all the signs that labor would be starting soon. That night I texted her that I didn't think anything was happening, only to wake up an hour later with my water broken. The labor came on very fast and Elizabeth was ready right away to head to the hospital. From the moment she was with us, I felt her support and experience. She was so patient and calm during my labor, but not over-bearing. What I remember most is her soothing voice and never ending massage."     -Jessica K.


~"Elizabeth supported us in any decisions we made prenatally and during the birth. She gave her opinion when I asked for it, but I never felt any pressure from her.
During the birth she stayed with us through it all and supported our decisions. She was a strong silent presence, who reassured me that I was doing everything right. She made sure I was hydrated, answered questions when I had them, supported my husband and generally ensured that the environment in the labor room was quiet, calm, private and that I had everything I needed. We never had to ask her for anything, Elizabeth had already made it happen. We couldn't be more pleased with the way Elizabeth supported us through our birth. She was there anytime we needed her, but most of all, she allowed Nathan and I to take full ownership over the experience.
 She is really great!!"    ~Leslie and Nathan

-"The patient was remarkably comfortable and I think the doula support was a main reason!"    -Heather Bennett, MD

-"Elizabeth was our doula and was an amazing support throughout pregnancy, delivery and in the early weeks of our son's life.  Elizabeth brought a practicality and loving kindness to her work that we really appreciated and needed during this very new and overwhelming experience.  Because Elizabeth is such an experienced mom, we knew we would be in good hands and we were.  We will always be grateful to Elizabeth for her help in the most beautiful and challenging experience my husband and I have been through.  Thank you Elizabeth!"               -Liesl


-"Having the support of someone who understands and has been through the process of labor was most helpful. She was such a great support to me and my husband and her calm demeanor helped get me through each stage of my labor. Having her help clarify procedures with the doctors/nurses to best weigh options during my difficult labor was invaluable. Her help in coaching my husband with techniques to help relieve my back labor was a lifesaver too! I would love to work with Elizabeth again if we decide to have another child.  She was such a joy to work with and we got along great! I hope to stay connected for years to come! ;) "  -   Katie

-"There is no doubt that I would not have had the natural birth I so very much wanted if I hadn't been supported by Elizabeth as our doula.  From the months leading up to the birth, and especially during my middle of the night laboring though the scary, miraculous, wonderful process that gave us our son, Elizabeth was the crux of our local support system.  She got me through my childbirth without the use of drugs or interventions of any kind...something I wanted so much, but probably wouldn't have made it without her presence, guidance and calm, constant assurances.  My spouse feels the same!  He talks about what a difference having a doula made to anyone who will listen!  We are both just so grateful."   - Amanda


-"I felt like she went above-and-beyond to spend enough time with us prenatally. We had a very compressed time-frame because the previous doula we had hired had to back out because of health issues, so we were introduced to Elizabeth just a few weeks before our due date. We met with her at least two (maybe three) times, each time for well over an hour, the visits were very informative and helpful. I don't think there is anything more we could have done, especially with just a few weeks to get to know each other."   -Bill 

-"I can never forget your lovely, warm & professional support all through my pre-delivery, delivery & post-delivery period. You were and are like a sister to me and an aunt to Danny! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I have never experienced this level of love, care & deep devotion to profession and human pain and suffering before in my life."        -Serap

-"Elizabeth provided a tremendously reassuring and comforting presence."    Dr. Long, SFGH Birth Center

-"Before meeting with Elizabeth, my husband and I weren’t sure we wanted to have a doula at the birth of our first child. It was important to us to have an intimate experience as our family expanded. But Elizabeth was wonderful about addressing our concerns, and when my water broke, we were so glad to have Elizabeth to consult with. As my labor progressed and Elizabeth joined us at the hospital, her calm, supportive presence helped both my husband and I stay focused and relaxed. The physical support she provided was incredible; she skillfully applied pressure to my back for hours so that my husband was free to coach me through each contraction. At every step in the process, Elizabeth encouraged us to follow our own instincts. Her confidence in women, their bodies, and the birth process was evident and reassuring. We’re so thankful that she was part of our daughter’s birth."    Becca

-"I thank God Elizabeth was here. She was perfect.  I couldn't have done it without her. I love my doula!"    Martha

-"Elizabeth did an amazing job, using different positions, help with breathing and getting our patient to relax." Wonderful! Thank you!   Dr. at SFGH Birth Center

Elizabeth was an amazing doula! I had a long labor with several decisions involved in the process, Elizabeth helped me negotiate the decision making process each time without appearing biased towards one opinion or another. She was calm, experienced, extremely knowledgable and intuitive, all the way through a very long labor! She also supported my husband by empowering him to support me, which both of us greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Elizabeth; I credit my "pleasant" memories of the labor and delivery to her unwavering support and confidence.   Danielle

"The prenatal meetings we had were really helpful to me in particular. I had a lot of questions and needed to talk through things, and Elizabeth's open answers to my questions really helped me feel prepared for birth. I think the three of us communicated with each other really well. We felt comfortable being open and honest with Elizabeth about everything.The constant birth support was so helpful. She was there for the whole thing, helping in any way she could."  Sarah

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